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Luxury and Budget Tour Operator

Delta Lanka Is a inbound travel destination management company, Delta Lanka is recognized, Sri Lanka Government Approved operator with great ability to professionally support varied travel requirements of Individual/small and large groups.

Delta Lanka satisfied customers all over the globe speaking different languages, and with different travel and tour needs such as Sun & Sand, Adventure, Honeymoon, Sports, Cultural, Eco, Therapeutic Ayurveda holistic treatments etc; is our best assert. Reviews by satisfied customers in our website is proof of our professional ability to deliver. Special attention for disable travels is one of our unique services.

We handle any booking requests within the shortest possible time. We continuously strive to develop new ways to improve our service, while remaining committed to deliver our promises to our clients.

Our Vision & Mission 

Our tour guide teams are experts in showing you around every hot spots in Sri Lanka in addition to very special and hidden treasures. Our guides provide very personalized services in taking care of you during your tour and would take extra interest in showing you around, places of specific interest to you, supported by facts, figures and stories relevant to such places of your interest.

Your holidays would be the most memorable events in your life. Delta Lanka vision is to ensure that your memorable holidays will be ever green in your memories, which you will definitely share with your families and friends. We are confident that you will always remember to call us back when you plan holidays in Sri Lanka.

Our Goals: 

  •           Customer satisfaction.
  •           Exceed expectations in promised delivery.
  •           Highest value on integrity and loyalty.