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I welcome you to my beautiful Island.

I welcome you to my beautiful Island, Sri Lanka.The Island’s proud history of over 2500 years and the Breathtaking diversity of scenery Will capture your heart and soul like no other destination. May the time you spend in our Island be filled with exciting Experiences- memories of which you Will carry long after you leave our shores

The palms clasped together and a gentle blow of the head accompanies “Ayubowan”(may you be blessed with long life),Sri Lanka’s gentle gesture of welcome and respect.


“Guiding Tours”

Guided tours are sometimes helpful because independent tours can require a lot of time. Time-consuming tours can be very annoying to those who want to pass through many places during the same day and so time may be the main consideration. Individuals with specific requirements like the physically challenged can also benefit from the services of guided tours in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka offers a great range of places to view, and all are very accessible. It is a country that has a rich history, more importantly, the smiling and highly sociable locals are vital to the tours of any foreign tourist in Sri Lanka. Guided tours can help to prepared details custom made tour packages to enable you to view what the country has to offer.

“Transport Services”

We have our own fleet of Cars, Micro Vans, Mini Buses and Large Bus. As a traveler you have the advantage of dealing with the owners of the vehicle that ensures you a more secured service at a very competitive price.

“Hotel Reservation”

We offer you the all the best hotels in Sri Lanka at unbelievable price. Book all type of accommodation with us.

“Excursions and Events”

Sri Lanka offers you many choices of excursion programmes to chose from. This would include the half day to overnight excursion programmes to suit your needs and travel requirements

We have done the foot work, mistakes, planning and research for you and come up with the best solutions so far, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday without the hassles, hard work, mistakes and worry!. We are not a large travel company with large overheads, so we can give you the best value for your holidays! Our holidays also take you to places where the average package tourist doesn’t visit. So you can experience much more! Variety of holiday packages We have a variety of holiday experiences you can choose, from warm sun & sea to nature – tropical wildernesses & birds, adventure & sports (land & water) – hot air balloon, cycling mountain biking, trekking & hiking, wild life safaris (leopard & elephant), white water rafting, canoeing, even underwater scuba diving to see ship wrecks, fish & corals also golf, family getaways and more! Our own vehicle fleet and best custom choice of hotels We have a variety of holidays to choose from, for the most energetic to the least energetic and leisure oriented. Our accommodation has all the variety, also for those who want a family holiday. We also promote small properties from 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms where you can have for your family only and no one else. Imagine having the pool, friendly staff, star class food and luxury minus the crowds, it is truly a home away from home plus more than what the  average package tourists can dream